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The Funeral Market Is Changing

The Funeral Market is Changing

In mainstream markets consumers are taking control as technology disrupts traditional sectors: holidays, estate agencies, money comparison, car selling and weddings.

Nowadays 75% of us are happy to buy online. Recent NAFD research highlights 85% would like to compare prices and funeral directors online. Evidence suggests consumers are now going on-line to research FD capabilities, to educate themselves about the funeral process, to understand the degree of flexibility they have, to gain confidence in arranging a funeral that feels appropriate and has meaning for the people involved and ultimately, to compare costs.

What people want from a funeral is also changing. People increasingly shun religion, seek more control over their buying decisions and look to do things on their own terms. Recent market research highlights that:

of people would like their funeral to be a 'celebration of life'
would like to incorporate their favourite team, colour, hobby, music
ABs 50+ are interested in adding a personal touch to their funeral
of women 50-64 like idea of a celebration of life vs. a traditional ceremony
of people wanted a party over a wake
of people said they would like their favourite song played at their funeral

It's more than a fad – it is a fundamental trend which will change the funeral landscape.

[Source: Co-op Funeralcare]
Dead Right as a Change Agent

Dead Right as a Partner

Dead Right aims to work with funeral directors to lead change in the market and be the dominant brand in the emerging funeral landscape. We will connect funeral directors and their clients in order to help them create the funeral that’s right for them. Educating consumers about what’s possible and making it easy for the trade to respond.

Whilst some comparison sites suggest that comparing prices is the most important thing when choosing a funeral director, we think it is about much more than that. After all you can’t put a price on a good funeral. A good funeral is about doing what’s right for the deceased. Creating a celebration of a life well lived - reflecting the passions and personality of the deceased. In recent research from the NAFD, cost was the 7th most important factor in planning a funeral whereas ‘following the wishes of a loved one’ and making it ‘a celebration of life’ were ranked far more highly.

That is not to say that we ignore or cast aside traditions, but rather that we build upon existing structures to effect change one step at a time. To help people take a first step to a better, more personal experience in partnership with the trade.

Traditional funerals are still dominant in the UK with three quarters (75%) of adults having never attended a service falling outside of this. Interestingly however, half (51%) of adults didn’t realise that a funeral could take place outside of a religious setting and (38%) didn’t know that you could personalise every aspect of a funeral.

[Source: Co-op Funeralcare]

We see independent Funeral Directors as partners providing an incredible support to families at one of the most challenging times of their lives. A role they perform very well: delivering 95% satisfaction ratings to their clients according to recent NAFD research. We want to work with the trade to layer in our digital franchise to your funeral planning service to build a credible, innovative and sustainable independent channel in which Dead Right forms part. Enabling clients to connect with the funeral director that's right for them and freeing funeral directors to focus on the things they do best: caring for their clients.

We will help consumers to spend in a way that is more meaningful to them so they not only derive more value from their basket but also more satisfaction.

[Source: Co-op Funeralcare]
Partnership for change
Partnership for Change
Whow is Behind Dead Right

Who is Behind Dead Right?

The Dead Right team are expert both in terms of consumer engagement and digital marketplaces. The team have helped businesses as diverse as,,, Moshi Monsters and And created famous, world class brands such as Audi, Johnnie Walker, Xbox 360, Levi’s and Haagen Dazs. We have also been reaching out to the trade to help us improve our offering.


The Team

Sir John Hegarty

Sir John Hegarty

"We're entering a market that has 100% penetration, & a market seeking change. We want to be at the forefront of that, which is Dead Right."

Felicity Stinton

Felicity Stinton

"I am a passionate believer in living life on your own terms. Dead Right is all about helping people do things their way."

Steve Willey

Steve Willey

"I am excited to bring positive attitudinal and behavioural change to the funeral planning customer experience with Dead Right, allowing users and Funeral Directors to connect and deliver services in a way that meets modern day demands."

Thomas Teichman

Thomas Teichman

"Everyone apart from you and me are going this way...So we might as well make a meal of it."

Nick Kendall

Nick Kendall

"I like markets where people are looking for change, there is always opportunity in change."

Jay Neale

Jay Neale

"My passion is using technology to shake up markets, democratise access and put consumers in control."

How can Dead Right Help me?

How Can Dead Right Help Me?

Dead Right can help transform your business and power up your capabilities to compete in the 21st century. We will build the dominant sector brand, and we will grow the market. We are now inviting you to become a partner in this journey, to help advise us from within, and be part of a progressive movement.

To do this, we need your support. If you register and tell us some basic information about your business we can then include you in our search tools, and help broaden your product offer. Our aim is to enhance to your services, and to help create your shop window in the digital age to create more personal, more meaningful ceremonies.

Please complete the information below and we will be in touch.